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St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School is dedicated to providing the best possible education for each student. The programs are designed to help students grow academically, spiritually, and socially in understanding, compassion, and cooperation with others in a safe, Christian environment.
​18-month old Early Developmental Class

Early Developmental is for the toddler seeking school and social training. Free play and learning to play with others is emphasized. Receiving love and affirmation are this age group’s solid introduction into their new environment apart from home.

​2-Year Old Developmental Preschool Class

Developmental is for the 2 year old who is experiencing a first encounter in a structured school setting and learning to separate from parents. Craft projects, interacting with new friends, recess, story time, and free play are structured into each day giving a fun-first exposure to school. To ensure cognitive growth, the children are introduced at this level to the alphabet and the early teaching of phonics, shapes, colors, and numbers.

​3-Year Old Early Childhood Preschool Class

Early Childhood is designed for the 3 year old to develop further social skills and begin enjoying fun-filled educational activities. Alphabet introduction, phonemic awareness, numbers 1-20, colors and shapes, fine-motor writing exposure, and center time are part of the cognitive plan for this age group. Structured outdoor and indoor play is scheduled into each day for social interaction and the development of gross motor skills.


Pre-Kindergarten Class

Pre-Kindergarten focuses on language development, music and movement, pre-reading skills, phonemic awareness, listening skills, and handwriting, along with numbers 1-20, rote counting, basic math concepts, units of measure, and scientific investigations. Fine motor skills are also strengthened through the constant use of hands that are cutting, gluing, writing, and drawing. Structured outdoor and indoor free play is incorporated into their daily learning.

Kindergarten Class

Our new kindergarten program teaches all the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) through a combination of centers-based and whole-class learning. This unique structure allows students to collaborate and engage in cooperative learning. Children study phonics, math, science, social studies, technology, art, music, Spanish, and Bible. They also participate in P.E. and Motor Lab, as well as take a weekly walk to the public library. The units of study are enhanced by many special field trips that are able to be experienced due to our small class size.

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