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The research-based academic curriculum established for St. Mary’s is Saxon Early Learning and Frog Street Press. These excellent phonics-based programs lay solid pre-reading groundwork for children.

Saxon Phonics and Spelling is subsequently used by the local public school, continuing the building blocks each student will need to be a successful reader. Saxon Early Learning lessons emphasize phonemic awareness, letter recognition, early literacy skills, and increased vocabulary; Saxon lessons are also designed to encourage inquisitiveness and hands on learning, as well as to increase problem-solving skills. 

A unique staff-developed curriculum is combined with Saxon to optimize the diverse learning abilities of all students and their experiences at school. This includes applying current teaching techniques and strategies gained through annual trainings and workshops, along with creatively employing a variety of accessible educational resources. 

St. Mary's Day School curriculum also incorporates a weekly theme and Bible lesson, social/emotional development, learning with the senses, and experience with various arts such as music, dance, art, literature, and cooking.

Our technology lab, Smart Board, gross and fine motor skills lab, music, and Spanish classes lead to a well-rounded student.


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